epic girl crush {austin head shot photographer}

it humbles me and excites me when someone i know trusts me to photograph them. so when @krisfinley asked me to take her head shots for her website, i was like, duh! let’s do this thing. Plus I can get a little more creative with someone who trusts me. 

i met her back in the days before i left corporate america to have babies. i feel like we met right before i left. like, in my memory, it was days before i left. {pregnancy brain probably got the timeline off on that one.} and i remember feeling like i was gipped. i remember this dialogue of what was that God? why introduce me to the amazing person at the end of my time in a place where i spent more time unhappy than happy. knowing her could have changed everything. what was the point? and i mourned. i mourned because i doubted the power of the friendship He had created. but there was a greater plan at work there and 10 years later we are still apart of each other’s life, with a friendship that picks up right where it left off, even when we go a year or two without seeing or hearing from each other. and aren’t those some of the best friendships? I’m grateful for the steadfastness.