2016 senior model shoot - the dream team {austin senior photographer}

outfits by fab'rik Hill County Galleria
nails by Jamberry consultant Monica Howeth
accessories by Noonday Collection ambassador Laura Choy
mad props to my sweet friend Leslie for hair and makeup AND my stylist aficionado Lucia!!
{disclaimer!! my whole team was made up of my amazing friends. They are mamas, entrepreneurs, and all around spectacular gals!!}

if you follow me on instagram, @rubigirl, you will have seen pictures of my 2016 senior models. They are an amazing group of girls that i'm honored to be working with. but!, this session never would have come together without the help of my team. 

fab'rik was so amazing to work with. their stylist really know what they are talking about and i can not say enough about how cute and current their clothing is. 

Jamberry's are one of my FAVORITE things. i was so happy to have Monica jump on board so i could showcase her amazing business. I tried to think of what I love most about Jamberry's, but really I love everything about 'em. Tons of fun pattern and my nails look fantastic forever.

Noonday Collection is one of the most amazing companies i've come across. i took this directly from their website as i don't think i can do them justice with my own words. 

"We believe in the dignity and design of work and that creating jobs is a powerful way to alleviate poverty. We partner with artisan entrepreneurs in the developing world, empowering them to grow sustainable businesses and to create dignified jobs that allow Artisans to earn sustainable, reliable incomes."

crazy amazing, right?! plus i got to spend some time with Laura who i've admired from a far for far too long and was looking for an excuse to get to know, so THAT happened.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANKS YOU!........THANK YOU! to all who worked so hard to make this dream a reality.