what are my options? {austin photographer}


what are my options, you ask? the question you should be asking yourself is, what aren't my options? doing an order session can be a bit daunting, and lets be honest, if you've had one with me you know my collections are extensive. but, my vision for my many collections aren't to overwhelm, but to show potential. my look book takes you on a tour of a home and with each room or space gives examples of how you can display your photos from our session. having your family be your artwork tells the story of who you are and who you've been. i love walking into a friends home and seeing them documented on the walls. Getting a glimpse of a memory brings me closer to them and that's alway a blessing.  


this is an example of the Upward Mobility collection. and as you can see we didn't even hang it the same way. in fact we took one of the 10x20s and hung it in their bathroom. these photos are one of the first thing you see when you walk into their home. how cool is that?